Bank Approved Auditor


An audit report of any company shows the details of the accounts of the company. Financial information and progress are predicted by the audit report. Businesses are looking for the bank approved auditor in UAE to look deep into the auditor report.

How to find the bank approved auditor in UAE?

RBS Accounting group ensures the legal following when providing services. We have approved auditors. An audit is an assessment report, which shows the credibility of the business. It also provides information about finance for the benefits of the shareholders and owners to make better decisions in the future. According to UAE commercial companies’ law, every company should assign a licensed auditor. The auditor should be registered with the ministry of the economy for the auditing. Approved auditors ensure that your business is following the country laws, regulations and accounting standards. Many companies provide auditing services. However, you need to make sure to get services from the licensed and approved auditors in UAE. Auditing and assurance services are provided to all kinds of businesses from all sectors like banks, construction, technology, manufacturers and advertising.

Types of audit services are offered

RBS Accounting group provides auditing in different types of audits. Here are the different types of audit services performed by RBS Accounting group.


Internal audit

This type of audit tells the internal control of the business and tells its internal flaws. Internal audit is called operational audit and on completion, its data show the effectiveness of previous policies. The internal auditor keeping the company’s objectives in mind analyzes company management, governance, and risk management measures.


External audit

An external audit is also known as a financial audit. The main purpose of this audit is to analyze the financial affairs of a certain business. It helps to investigate the financial statements to find corruption, theft, fraud, and misappropriation. A business can built truth and fairness by external audits.


Statutory audit

Statutory audit is done by legal institutions. When a company or business is assessed by legal institutions is termed as a statutory audit. Financial information for instance transactions and records are analyzed during the statutory audit.

In short, there are many benefits of the audit and assurance. It is mandatory according to the law of the government of UAE to hire a licences and bank approved auditor in UAE. To find the bank approved auditor in UAE contact our team of RBS Accounting Group to provide an opportunity to serve you.