DMCC Free Zone Approved Auditor


Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) is a managing body was founded by the government of Dubai in 2002. It offers the businesses to trade precious commodities like gold, diamond, pearls, colour stones and other precious things. A global commodity trading hub is run by DMCC in Dubai. DMCC Free Zone Approved Auditor It ensures the trading operations are in line with local and international law.

What we do?

We are RBS Accounting Group provides the best DMCC free zone approved auditor in Dubai. If you are looking for a detail and effective audit report, RBS Accounting Group will help you with that. For the DMCC member companies, there are some rules and regulations. According to rules and regulations of DMCC, the DMCC member companies should hire an auditor. It is the responsibility of the companies to ensure to hire an auditor who is registered as a DMCC free zone approved auditor and he should be listed in the approved auditors list. We provide the services of DMCC free zone approved auditors. It is mandatory according to DMCC regulations that every registered company in the DMCC should conduct an audit and upload the audit report and financial statements on the DMCC portal within the 90 days after the completion of every financial year. An approved auditor has the right to request additional documents as well as original documents at any stage of the process of inspection. If the companies are failed, provide an audit report and financial statements within the 90 days they have to bear the strict actions including fines. According to the regulations of the DMCC trade license in DMCC can be cancelled in severe conditions. Sometimes companies conduct an audit by unregistered and non approved auditors by the DMCC. These unlawful acts also fall in the violation of DMCC regulations.

How RBS Group can help you?

The auditors of RBS Accounting group are DMCC free zone approved auditors and RBS group audit the book of accounts according to the standard rules of International Standard on Auditing (ISA). It is our duty to help you to design, maintain and prepare the financial statements according to the standards of DMCC, ISA and IFRS. We do not compromise the independence of the audit.
The following documents are listed to be maintained and submitted for the audit.

  • Memorandum of association, share certificate, trade license certificate and article of
  • Bank statements with bank confirmation
  • Balance confirmations from creditors, debtors
  • Cash book, books of accounts, trial balance
  • Sales invoices, expense bills, purchase bills, etc

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