Jafza Offshore Company


It is a dream for businesses from many countries to start an offshore company in the Jebal Ali Freezone because of the excellent benefits that it offers. The Freezone started allowing the setting up of offshore companies in 2003. The business community from across the world could open their offshore companies in this Freezone and enjoy the benefits it offered. The benefits it offered have since attracted various companies to start their companies as per the international offshore regulations. RBS can do the Jafza offshore company formation for you with ease.

The Benefits Of Jafza Offshore Company Formation

Jebal Ali Freezone offers all the benefits that offshore companies offer along with the excellent infrastructure and connectivity. The political and economic stability of the region is another great attraction to start an offshore company here. Your offshore company is exempt from all kinds of local taxes including personal, professional and corporate. The offshore company can own property in Dubai.

The Jafza offshore company can be used for asset protection. You can operate the company in complete confidentiality in this region. Business operation and control are very easy in the Freezone. You can maximize your profits with the least amount of taxation when you operate from here. You don’t have any minimum investment required when setting up an offshore company here. There is no need to file audit reports. Your investments are fully protected here.

Requirements To Start The Jafza Offshore Company

The offshore company can have 100% foreign ownership but the regulations mandate that you have one secretary who can also be the director of the company. There must be a minimum of one shareholder and two directors for the company. The two directors must be natural persons. You don’t have to deposit the capital in the bank for an offshore company.

You have the privilege to open a corporate bank account in Dubai. You must appoint an offshore agent in Jafza who is on the list of approved agents. RBS is an approved agent of the Jafza. The offshore company cannot rent an office in the UAE. The registered agent must provide the registered office address. RBS will provide the registered office address for you

The Offshore Company Forming Procedure

The first step to starting an offshore company in Jafza is to open an offshore bank account. While there are many banks available, we can help to select the best bank that is suited for your requirements. Once you have opened the account you can start submission of the documents through us for the offshore company formation. The shareholder must physically visit before the company can be registered.