RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing/ RBS Tax Consultants Receives First Review in Clutch

Tax Consultants

RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing/ RBS Tax Consultants Receives First Review in Clutch

Tax consultants are the unsung hero for individuals and businesses. Their operations range from helping their client with tax advice, tax returns, and lodgements. They are also versatile and are capable of providing financial planning. These consultants are also in charge of analysis and reports for your company.


Why would you hire a tax consultant or tax consultants in the first place? There are a lot of people and companies who are either too busy or too daunted when it comes to filing income tax returns. Also, some people might not be too familiar with the rules and regulations of taxes. There are instances where people make mistakes and can result in grave consequences. The usual culprits are underpayment and over-payment of taxes. Yes, it happens.


How to spot a great tax consultant? First of all, they must have a firm grasp of tax-related laws. The second one will be based on the strategies that they provide for their client. These strategies should help in reducing the chance of conflicts on audits with the FTA or with the state tax agency. As mentioned above, great tax consultants can also help you in preparing tax returns and other documents on your behalf.

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Some tax consultants are licensed professionals! Certified public accountants and tax attorneys are some of the consultants that you might have in the industry.


Lastly, a tax consulting company or firm should also be registered. In our case, RBS Tax Consultants/RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing is registered with the Ministry of Economy engaged in tax advisory & Auditing services in Dubai businesses. If you are looking for a tax consultant in the UAE, then you are looking at the right company right now.


Yes! RBS Tax Consultants/RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing can help you with your audits, and as proof, here is our first review in Clutch! The site is a platform that helps connect companies and service providers all around the globe. Our team recently received a 5-star rating on their platform for our awesome statutory financial audits.  Here is what our client had to say about our service:


To add, when asked about our most impressive thing about our company, here is what the account manager has to say:


“They are time-bound and cost-effective too.”


Are you interested in knowing more about the services we provide? Call our local office today and one of our specialists can help you!

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