Vat Return Filing


VAT stands for (value-added tax), which the customer offers to the UAE government for quality public services. UAE government charges a VAT of 5% of the total price to provide their quality services to the UAE. This is the hidden tax that is only available for those who have a business in UAE and have earnings of 187,500 to 375000 annually.


VAT Return Filing in UAE

RBS offers you the great VAT services by providing you the excise consulting experts to enhance your business. The consulting experts of RBS will regularly provide you the appropriate figure of VAT tax so that you will not get shocked when you are imposed by a certain amount of VAT tax. They also provide you the figure of VAT tax which is implemented on you because of purchases, transactions, imports, and exports; along with this, RBS experts will inform you; how VAT tax impacts your business by making you familiar with the reason for the implementation of VAT tax.

Since UAE has set a policy to implement VAT tax. According to terms and conditions, those companies whose earning is 375,000 or greater than it should have to register for VAT and companies whose earning is 187,500 have only the option to register for VAT. RBS makes you get you to update about the change of policy of implementation of the tax. They also keep records of your all invoices under VAT. Since RBS experts have great information about the VAT tax and how VAT tax impacts the different models of business so they also give you a better understanding of the impact of VAT on your business model. They offer you all the necessary information regarding VAT Registration in UAE.


Vat Registration In UAE

At the end of each year, the company or the person who pays the VAT tax must need to file “VAT Return” to FTA. VAT Return Filing in UAE informs all the values of purchases and supplies for showing his VAT accountability. There are some rules to file the VAT return, RBS firm gets you familiar with all those rules and policies. They also help you with filing the VAT return. To file the VAT return, there is a certain procedure and we make you familiar with that process. We inform you and help you to get those documents which are the essential requirement to file the VAT return.

In short, RBS firm makes things easier for you and helps you to get your business to the next level.