Why you need DMCC free zone approved auditor?

Why you need DMCC free zone approved auditor?

Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) is a free zone for the business to operate in Dubai and it was launched in 2002 by the government of Dubai. Businessesand traders are dealing in precious commodities like diamond, gold, colour stones, pearls and other precious things can register their self in DMCC. DMCC is a managing body who ensures the operations of trades are in line with the international and local law.

RBS Group’s auditors are top listed in the DMCC free zone approved auditor list by the government of Dubai. Our auditing reports are detailed and effective as we have professional and experienced auditors in Dubai.

Companies running in the DMCC free zone have to follow the some different rules and regulations as a free zone has its own rules and regulations. For example, DMCC free zone companies can get audit report from only DMCC free zone approved auditor. The auditing report from other auditor will not be entertained for DMCC companies.

Auditing is mandatory according to laws of DMCC for companies that fall in DMCC. According to DMCC rules, every registered company should carry out an audit by approved auditors in Dubaionce in every fiscal year and upload auditing report with other documents on the DMCC website within the 90 days after completion of every financial year.

If a company fails to provide an audit report within 90 days, a fine will be imposed or cancellation of licence. An auditor can ask for additional documents and original at any stage to carry out smooth and genuine audit. Un approved auditors are harmful for the DMCC companies as companies are violating the DMCC rules and regulations. For your information documents related to Memorandum of association, Bank statements, balance confirmation, cash books, expense bills, sales invoices, invoices and purchase bills are required during the audit.

How RBS Group can help you?

Our auditing teams are experienced and know the every detail of the laws of DMCC.RBS groupfollows the rules of International Standard on Auditing (ISA) as well as DMCC’s rules in creating auditing reports.

It is our duty to highlight the causes of any lose and mistakes to avoid in future. If you are worried that your company data will be leaked in auditing, we assure you that we follow the laws strictly. We do not compromise the independence of the company’s audit.

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